"We set the full main and 100 percent jib in the channel and moved effortlessly downwind, accelerating rapidly in the 10-knot puffs funneling around Dana point. When we turned round for the photographer, Sundance responded beautifully and tacked about 35 degrees to the wind, turning in her own length and tracking beautifully when we pinched her round the corner. This boat is exquisitely fun to sail to windward in smooth water and a slight chop, responding to puffs like a dinghy.

Outside the harbor we found a lumpy sea and 12 knots of wind. Sundance settled to her work with enthusiasm, shouldering her way through the lumpy stuff with no hobbyhorsing or pounding. On a reach, the long keel and modified forefoot gave her outstanding balance. The First reef is tucked in about 13 to 15 knots of wind. The boat never seemed overpowered and the helm needed but a finger. The Nor'Sea 27 is utterly sea kindly and surprisingly fast. We recorded 6.25 knots with 12 knots of wind apparent on a close reach.

By any standards, the Nor'Sea 27 is a remarkable yacht, constructed to a standard that is rare in a cruising boat of this size.

The Nor'Sea 27 is the ultimate in transportable yachts and is built to a quality rarely seen these days. She is destined to be one of the classic cruising boats of our time"

Brian Fagan
Sailing Magazine


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