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The Nor'Sea 37 was designed as an "Offshore" (any weather) vessel. Lyle C. Hess designed a strong cutter rig with a "Proper" keel shape to claw off any lee shore. Her long waterline and tall sail plan will give her passage making ability of 150 to more than 175 miles a day.

Here full length keel, with cutaway forefoot and canoe stern assures proper tracking and comfort. The canoe stern, with its reserve buoyancy will lift and part a following sea safely. Nor'Sea 37s will be spending months at a time at sea, therefor safety and comfort are of utmost importance.

Remember that 3 minimum things are required for an offshore live-aboard vessel. First and foremost it must sail to weather. (Claw off a lee shore). If it doesn't sail to weather your at the mercy of the wind and will have to rely on your engine in a pinch. (Not smart).

Second the vessel must be built strong enough to withstand a force 10 storm for days at a time without anything breaking or coming loose.

Third the vessel must have adequate storage (for supplies) and tankage (water and fuel) for extended passage making.

We feel that the Nor'Sea 37 meets and exceeds all of these requirements. The Nor'Sea 37 was the last design of Lyle C. Hess. We feel it was his best design.

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