Happy Customers

This Sunday, I got to take my new M-15 "Sweet Dream" out into the Gulf (of Mexico) on my first single hand trip. Although I have only raised the mast three times before and the ramp area on Dauphin Island looked like a Mardi Gras parade, I rigged in a few minutes and was away (aweigh also). The morning was beautiful, bright sun and an 8 knot north-east wind. I sailed between the two old civil-war forts (damn the torpedos) and into the Gulf, running down the beach trolling for spanish mackerel. With the tiller tamed, the M-15 tracked a straight line down the beach, only needing an occcasional tug on the jib sheet. There was almost no surf and I ran in six feet of water, a hundred yards off the beach. Lots of swimmers waving as the pretty M-15 sailed by. Suddenly a school of dolphins began to play around the boat, I reeled the line in (the dolphins would have cleaned out any fish) and enjoyed the fine sail and great scenery. Thanks Bob, She really is a Sweet Dream. Fair Winds. Don



Hey Bob,

We unloaded Alacrity around 3:00pm on Friday. Everything looks great. I brought it down to the yacht club and began unpacking and assembling. Looks like everything made the trip with no problems. I'm already getting compliments on the beauty of the boat. I installed a tiller extension, windex, and topping lift. (Thanks for the eyestrap at the top of the mast) I'll send you some photos as soon as possible.

I didn't receive a MSOG on the trailer. The guys at Pacific said it would be delivered with the trailer. If you don't have it I will call those guys and get them to mail it to me. Also, would you please snail mail an invoice showing the purchase of the boat with serial number and an amount of around $8900?

You have been extremely helpful and anxious to please me and I would highly recommend you and your boats to anyone. Let me know if you would like me to post favorable comments to any web sites. One more thing: I noticed there is no reefing blocks on the boom. Is this an option that is an extra cost? If that's the case, no problem, I will add them myself as you have been more than generous with other gear like the lights and ladder.

Thank you for keeping your word, and building an excellent product.

Alvin. Here is ALACRITY on her first sail!!


Hello fellow Montgomery owners!

Here's my two cents on Nor'Sea Yachts.

Last November I bought a brand new Montgomery 17 from Nor'Sea. Since I live in San Jose (northern California), and the factory is in Ontario (southern California) I did not see my boat being built. Bob kept me informed of the progress with a series of telephone calls.

I made arrangements with Bob to pick up my new boat on a Sunday - a day that the factory is closed. Bob agreed to meet me there Sunday morning.  Needless to say, the boat was beautiful! I found the factory tour very informative and was favorably impressed. Those of you who own a Montgomery already know about the quality construction, so I won't go into that.

Bob ran back and forth, throwing more rope in my truck, some extra hardware, this and that, and then he took a bunch of pictures (one from on top of the roof!). It was plain to see he takes great pride in his work.

On Monday, after I arrived home, I recieved a call from Bob asking if all had gone well. I mentioned that I was a bit concerned about the standing rigging and raising the mast. Bob said he was delivering another M-17 to a man in Pittsburg, California (about an hour's drive from my home). This person had not bought a trailer, as he planned to keep the boat in a berth just out his back door (lucky guy!). I attended the launching of this boat in Pittsburg and got all the information I needed to rig my boat.

The bottom line is this: I don't know much about those pages on the internet. All I know is my experience with Nor'Sea Yachts in general, and Bob Eeg in particular, has been nothing but pleasurable. I would not hesitate to buy an M-23 from Nor'Sea if I won the California lottery or something like that.

Thought you might like to know...

Steve MacDonald
"Dances With Waves"


This is our boat! 

Hello to all,

Everything went well picking up our new M15, "Duet", at the Nor'Sea boat shop in California. Bob Eeg greeted our grins with equal enthusiasm and then proceeded to help Vince insert the battens, attach the rigging, and hoist the sails, etc. (I stood below with the camera and scribbled step by step instructions on a pad). Believe me, when you've only sailed once, you need all the ABC's you can get. Thanks again Bob, if you read this!!

We saw David Fann's M17, "Dulcibella", and from what we could tell, she looked ready--real pretty too. Hope you get her soon. All in all, the transaction went quite smoothly. We did however have trouble with the Subura's (Forester) trailer light hookup--the blinkers and brake lights didn't work. Vince and Bob put their heads together and couldn't figure out the problem, so two Subura dealers later (who couldn't fit us in that day), Vince was pulling hairs. Finally, another thorough look revealed a 2nd plug had not been connected (wasn't there only suppose to be one?!).

Arrived home that Thursday(11-6), and took Duet out the following Monday on the Snake River for her baptismal sail. She performed beautifully! Fifty degrees, blue skies, and wind about 3 knots. Couldn't have asked for a better beginning. We had our trusted friend/instructor on board, Gary Hyde (owner of Vanilla-M15), to keep us from getting into too much trouble. His M15 dates back to the 1980s, so he really liked some of the new features on ours, in particular: the 3 hatch boards (his only has 2), and also the slotted tabernacle, stern pulpit, and seal between the hull and deck. We sipped hot coffee and munched on gorp and oatmeal cookies, and agreed this was the life for us. Stay tuned for pictures and a more detailed story on a web site Vince is building. Later,

Here is that site!: http://personal.palouse.net/vhimsl/    

Vince and Sharon Himsl
M15 Duet
Moscow, Idaho


I purchased "Brynn" in November last year (hull was still in the mold) and picked up the finished boat in December, as promised. I was very happy with the condition and delivery of my boat. Bob Eeg was a delight to deal with. Highly recommended! The M-15 is a wonderful boat and sails beautifully.

Really swift for her size and built with high construction quality. If I could afford two boats I would keep "Brynn" and use her when I want to trailer-sail to distant locations as she is so easy and quick to set-up. Hope this helps your decision.


Dudley Peterson
(209) 667-0377

We are happy with our 2002 Nor'Sea 27 built by Bob

We ordered a new Nor'Sea 27 from Bob Eeg in October 2001. It is an aft cabin model, we named it PLUME and launch her in April 2002 in the San Francisco Bay.

We hired a Marine Surveyor to look PLUME over at the factory during construction and he was quite impressed with the build quality and construction.

We went down to the factory about every other weekend to appreciate the progress and work on the boat ourselves (it was a Kit boat): Bob kindly let us work at his boatshop and he was helpful in every aspect of our project. It was a very good experience.

We have a web site with more pictures of PLUME. It is not up-to-date and... in French! But if you click on IMAGES, you should find your way...

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Lorenzo & Cecile

I have dealt with Bob Eeg on several occasions in the last few years, and have been impressed with his enthusiastic attitude toward the boats he makes. I screwed up my rudder at the start of a 2 week vacation in Ventura, and went to Bob for a new rudder. When I called him, he said to bring my old rudder to him and he would see what he could do. When I showed up, he took one of his guys working on a new M-17 and had him take the fittings off of my old rudder and fit them to the new one, gave me a new tiller, and charged me $100 for the whole thing! I judge Bob by how he has treated me, and I would have no qualms in purchasing a M-23 from him. (assuming of course I decide on the M-23 vs. a Nor'Sea 27)

Tom Woodworth
M-17 "Wild Hare"


Greetings all hands -

I recently signed onto the "Montgomery_boats list". Among the first bunch  of messages I got, someone was asking about buying a new boat from Nor'Sea  Since my beautiful "Beatrice" was the first M-17 registered in 2001, I feel  compelled to comment on the fun I had in getting her here.

I have a float behind my home on the Pittsburg channel in Northern  California. Since it's deep (enough) water from here all the way to San  Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean, I didn't buy a trailer. Also, I'm an  old geezer (half way through my 8th decade) and the notion of trailering and  rigging doesn't have much appeal. But without a trailer "Beatrice" (after  Dante's guide through Paradise) needed some way to get from Ontario to  PIttsburg. Bob Eeg offered to bring her up for a price comparable to that  of a professional transporter. Further, he offered to rig and launch her  for me.

I have had boats before, including a couple of clunker sailboats: a Columbia  22 and a Potter 15, but this was my first experience buying a new one. It  was strange, and a little unnerving - placing an order and waiting ... .  Steve MacDonald, Master of "Dances with Waves" (hull number one less than  "Beatrice's") was a big help with the wait. By way of e-mail and phone  contact he told me of his good experiences with Nor'Sea. Steve hadn't  sailed "Dances with Waves" yet, and felt he might benefit by watching and  helping Bob with the rigging. He agreed to drive up on launch day, and  writes of this in his message to you last Feb. 1.

Bob Eeg and his lovely friend, Sharon, brought "Beatrice" home a couple of  days after Christmas. Bob called three time along the way to keep me  abreast of their progress. They got here just about sunset. Bob seemed as  excited about the boat as I was. As soon as we got her into the driveway,  he took me on board to show how the electrical system worked After we could  get him away from the boat, my partner Joyce and I took Bob and Sharon to  dinner, then found them a motel for the night. Both are good company and we  had a great time.

The next day was a blast: a rig, launch and rejoice party. Bob, Sharon,  Joyce and I were joined by Steve, my son, Peter, and Jay, a neighbor who had  bought my Potter (Bob ribbed Jay mercilessly about the Potter). Bob's attention to detail and his care for the boat and for his craftsmanship was obvious. He worked for several hours, patiently explaining all aspects of what he was doing.

Buying from Nor'Sea was altogether a good experience. There were no  surprises - only the wait.

Steve sent me the attached photo of "Beatrice" having her first experience with both champaign and water.

Another happy Montgomery owner,

Richard Conn "Beatrice" #613

Hi my name is Mark Caldwell and I own a Nor'Sea 37 built by Bob Eeg. This is my dream boat! To make my dream affordable, I am finishing this boat from a kit.

Bob has been extremely helpful with knowledgable advice and the boat is of the highest quality construction. What I like about Bob is that he takes pride in his workmanship and his commitment to building the very best Lyle C. Hess designed cruising boats. 

Thanks for the support Bob! 

Mark Caldwell 


I bought this beautiful Montgomery 17 from Bob Eeg and couldn't be happier. This is the highest quality boat I know. I named her 'Ellie'. She tows like a dream and is very safe and seaworthy. 

Thanks Bob!! Lance Molinari, Nevada.

I just received my brand new Montgomery 15! She is beautiful! Bob kept me informed every step of the way and sent pictures weekly once he started building my boat. My boat was built on time and delivered to my door. Here is a photo of 'Seawitch' just before leaving the Montgomery factory. I am Sandra Mountcastle and I live in Dalton, Georgia. What we all need is more people providing a service in the very customer friendly manner that Bob does.

Time for a cool change! 



Sea of Tranquility

I purchased a Nor'Sea 27 from Bob in 1993-94 as a Kit.  I have since finished the boat and have sailed it to
New Zealand. The boat is very well made. She will hold a course from close to the wind to a reach with the helm tied and sails balanced. with a monitor wind vain she will sail all points of sail with out any trouble. On the way to Hawaii I had to adjust course only as the wind changed. she sailed just great. She handles 10 to 15 foot seas (going with the weather) very well. My trip was mostly very nice conditions. I have added some equipment since this photo.
George Marcotte

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