The Sail Magazine Gift Guide

For the Sleepless Sailor - $279

Sleepless Sailor

If you find that your beloved sailor has trouble attaining a good night's sleep while aboard his skipper than the Froli undermattress kit could be the answer to all of his or her problems. This special sailing mattress offers amazing orthopedic support, improves air circulation, and can be adjusted to any size or shape of space it needs to fit it. Plus, its easy mount system can work on a bunk bed, or any pre existing slatted frame thus it is completely adaptable to all environments.

For the Thirty Sailor - $50

Thirty Sailor

It is in your best interest to check out the Grand Reserve from New England's Rumson award winning rum distillery. The Grand Reserve is a custom blend of aged Caribbean rums which produces an exceptionally smooth taste. The classic liqueur contains notes of butterscotch, and caramel that will please any rum connoisseur in your life.

For the Stylish Sailor - $30 to $50

Stylish Sailor

Oz, a nautical apparel brand, knows exactly what every sailor needs. Each and every piece of apparel they design is handmade with unmatchable craftsmanship. Their large range of materials is custom designable which allows you to create a look that will represent what you believe in and represent as a sailor.

For the Kitchen Sailor - $7

Bottle of Oil Olive

If you are searching for a nautical way to decorate your kitchen at sea then you must check out the hand painted bottle stoppers from Microworld. These nautical bottle toppers are a beautiful way to stop an unfinished bottle of wine, bottle of oil olive or even an unfinished water bottle. Plus, you can customize any topper as well.

For the Electrical Sailer - $130

Electrical Sailer

If you find that your favorite sailor is commonly running out of battery then the MyCharge Adventure Ultra is the perfect gift. This charging station offers an AC power outlet, one USB-C plug and two USB-A plugs. Needless to say it will met each and everyone of your charging needs.

For the Cartographical Sailor - $160 - $700

Cartographical Sailor

Joseph Tarella is the artist behind a large assortment of coastal maps that feature highly popular waterfront cities, and East coast harbors. These cartographical beauties are an amazing addition to any skipper or sea home.

For the Minimal Sailor - $15

3 liter Matador

Every sailor needs a droplet wet bag and the 3 liter Matador wet bag is a great minimalistic way to lug around items that need to stay dry while at sea. The Matador silicon wet bag container is large enough to fit an entire outfit along with any necessary accessories, and when empty it can be compacted to fit in even the smallest of compartments.

For the Chilly Sailor - $170

The Helly Hansen Crew Midlayer Hooded Jacket is a great versatile jacket that is guaranteed to keep your sailor warm and stylish. It is made with a polar tech fleece lining and equipped with hand and chest zipper pockets. Not to mention this waterproof, windproof, and breathable coat is available in white, cayenne, and navy providing your sailor with protection and comfortability.

For the Journaling Sailor - $30

240 page Cape Horn notebook

Sailors who love to document their travels will find the 240 page Cape Horn notebook irresistible. Plus, the entire journal is made from environmentally friendly recycled materials. The entire Cape Horn notebook packages comes with a sail rope page marker and guessest pocket for loose papers.