Start your sailing adventure young

The best thing about learning to sail

The best thing about learning the sail when you're a child is there are many opportunities. There are sailing clubs, high school sailing teams and holiday sailing camps. School holidays can be spent rigging up different boats and enjoying many regattas. Timid children can gain confidence, grow bolder with every challenge and adrenaline rush. Teens can volunteer to larger boats and yachts. One can enjoy offshore sailing races and gain daily experience before ever getting formal qualifications.

If your child dreams about the sailing world, learning to sail on a smaller boat is a perfect start. Children can experience starting off on a small boat so their senses can become more attuned to the ocean. One can learn to tell the direction of the wind by the chill on their skin and feel the movement of the water running through the boat and down the lines. One gains technical knowledge by reading up your own boat. One is taught to trust your instincts and keep calm if something goes wrong. Children are encouraged to capsize and test their limits and learn while having fun.

Learning to Sail

There are lots of ways to encourage your children to enjoy sailing and no better way than at the holidays. There are charter yacht options worldwide where you can charter your own yacht on a sailing adventure. You can choose to go island hopping in Greece or join an expedition and make new friends in Tonga and Samoa. If you are looking for a true sailing adventure choose a crossing charter. It is a combination of a few days of water cruising and island hopping. Imagine the thrill of an open ocean while you watch dolphins frolic at the bow and keep a watch for the glimmer of land on the horizon.

Why do people love to sail?

There is something addictive about being on the water. It's thrilling, intoxicating and addictive. The saltwater gets into your pores and gets under your skin and into your blood. You are giving a gift to your child in teaching them the sale all along teaching them important life skills such as patience, responsibility, self-confidence and a deep love for nature.