Top 6 Nautical Clothing Brands

Want to sail in style? Check out the top 6 nautical clothing brands listed below.

#6 Nautica

Nautica Clothes

The trendy seaman or sea(woman) will absolutely adore the stylish sailing apparel provided by Nautica. In a nutshell, the brand features classic yet simple nautical pieces for the whole family. Established during the 80s, Nautica has since acquired what one would call a cult following. If your next holiday includes sailing and champagne then Nautica is the nautical clothing brand for you.

#5 J. Crew

J.Crew clothes

J.Crew is a highly reputable American fashion brand that has been building its consumer accreditation for decades. The fashion line consists of several iconic nautical themes that range from casual to cocktail. J.Crew is perfect for those who favor a preppy yet nautical style as well as a great sale.

#4 Quba

Quba Sails

Many consider Quba to resemble the brand Nautica quite closely but it does err towards the more practical hands on sailer not just out on the water for holiday. The best part of the Quba brand is that it's collection is comprised of almost anything one could possibly need while sailing plus accessories for the boat as well. Thus, if you are searching for a trendy windbreaker or stylish nautical pajama gift set then look no further than Quba.

#3 Everything But Water

Everything But Water

Sorry men, Everything But Water only caters to the female sailor. Their line features a wide range of nautical travel wear, bikinis, and boating accessories. Not to mention, you can personalize any bikini you order to ensure the best fit for your body. So whether or not you are looking for sea wear or dinner wear, Everything But Water has you covered.

#2 SPerry

Sperry Duck Boots

SPerry has to be the most iconic brand of nautical apparel out there. Founded in 1935 by Paul Sperry, SPerry was the very first to create the official non-slip authentic sailing shoes. Plus, it doesn't hurt that they are extremely durable, comfortable and stylish. Many regard SPerry to be the ultimate sailing shoe.

#1 The Nautical Company

The Nautical Company

The Nautical Company is home to the most stylish nautical basics. The brand has the whole family covered when it comes to relaxed nautical holiday wear. In addition to apparel, the Nautical Company also features beautiful home decor that would spruce up any home at sea.