How to Dress for a Yacht Party

Yacht Party

Dressing for a yacht party is a completely unique experience. A yacht party calls for a chic yet performance friendly outfit that can work both on land as well as at sea. It is a good idea to start from the bottom up. Your choice of footwear will greatly affect your outfit's form and function. While gentlemen can sport a classic pair of non slip SPerry boating shoes, women have more of a feat to conquer. It is best to avoid stilettos (we know they make your legs look great) but they have the potential to destroy a deck. It is best to wear soft sole flats that have not been utilized as streetwear. This way the ships deck will stay in tact and you will be able to move freely without the constant fear of a mahogany induced fall or slip.

Daytime yacht parties have the potential to contain a large array of activities so it is best to layer accordingly. You never know if you will end up jet skiing off the coast or laying out for hours on the bow. It is best to go for an effortless look with an airy linen coverup or tunic that you can pair with bathing suit, statement sunglasses, and a wide brimmed hat. Segue in style. Alternatively, men are welcomed to wear an oxford shirt or polo with either cuffed or mid forearm length sleeves paired with traditional swim trunks. This look is appropriate for casual luncheons and cocktail hours.

A general rule of thumb is keep it classy after 5pm while yachting. It is extremely common for yachts to be clean and traditional when it comes to outerwear and dinner is no exception. Please avoid the cliche sailor caps, open toes mules, ascots, and leave the rubber flip flops at home. You do not want to look kitschy nor sloppy. Formal events will call for trousers, button downs, and sports coats for men. It is best to forgo a tie in order to avoid looking too stiff. Women should be seen wearing a more elegant attire that is breeze and steep stair friendly. A silk pair of wide leg or capri pants are a great option as they can be paired with a trendy halter top or wispy blouse. Additionally, a cashmere or pashmina scarf is a great way to stay warm without covering up your amazing outfit. This party attire is every bit comfy as it is stylish.

Dress for a Yacht Party

Never forget that accessories and details can either make or break an outfit. A meticulously pressed shirt or perfectly creased trousers are a great way to make a lasting impression. When it comes to dressing elegantly while yachting make sure that the less you are wearing, the higher quality each piece is. However, the worst thing one can honestly do while yachting is look overdone. One or two well chosen accessories can spruce up an outfit while four or five can look completely over dramatic. Lastly, always come prepared. It is imperative to come yachting with a handsome tote in tow so that you are ready if any unexpected event should arise. If you are a minimalist, it is best to pack at least sunscreen, lip balm, and dramamine. You never know if the ship may make you a little queasy or a little red and it is better to be safe than sorry. Extra items that are not completely necessary but may come in handy include a clean pair of clothing, a couple of hair ties, and an extra sweater if the temperature drops unexpectedly.