7 Tips For Taking Your Dog On A Boat

It is great to take your dog with you when you are traveling. Why not take your best friend? Boating with your dog can be exciting for everyone and experience of a lifetime. Here are some guidelines to make your experience go smoothly.

1. Plan ahead

You need to plan for any holiday get-together with your pet especially if you're going boating for the first time. You can create a trip plan and think through what your trip might be like. What kind of activities will you do? Are you on land or at sea? Make sure you find information about local vets.

2. Bring a lifejacket

Dog On a Boat

Your dog may be a good swimmer but the open sea can be rough so make sure you pack a life jacket. You will need a life jacket for everyone on board. A pet lifejacket contained site handles see you are able to grab the dog when they need support. If your dog has difficulty in the water always avoid grabbing him by the collar. Use the handles on the lifejacket instead.

3. Pack a first-aid kit

Every charter boat should have a first aid kit. These first-aid kits though may not be equipped with pet specific supplies. So you will need to include anything that is useful such as antibiotic ointment if your pet accidentally scratches himself or gets an infection.

4. Will your dog feel comfortable on board?

If you're going to book about online, check out the boat pictures. Dogs may need time to get adjusted to new environments. If you're looking at the pictures you can see where there are corners or spots where your dog can feel at home. Bring something that your dog is familiar with from home that can make you feel comfortable immediately on the boat.

5. Check the local laws

Going abroad with your pet may mean you need some documentation. Some countries require a specific list of vaccinations or that your dog needs to be microchip. There are also rules regarding pets on board. You will need to know the current situation of the country you are heading towards.

6. Keep the first tour short

If it is the first time they are going out with your pet two or three hours is long enough. Your dog may have no idea what they are getting into and this will assure them that you'll be able to go sailing for longer times for many years to come. You can start slowly and build up and pay attention to how your dog is behaving and your chances are good that your dog will become a full-time sea lover.

7. Bring necessary dog supplies

Make sure you have enough food and toys when you're out in the open sea. Make sure to put on a packing list dog food, water bowl, puppy pads in case there are some nowhere for a potty break and some soft toys.

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