Choose A Charter Yacht that Suits Your Budget

Charter Yacht

When you envision a yacht vacation, many people envision a mega yacht that's designed for the rich and famous. The reality is there are thousands of boats available for charter for destinations worldwide that can be within the budget of an average vacationer. Prices include the crew for sailing yachts even with a worldwide fleet of yachts in the 45 to 65 foot range; they can all provide affordable sailing options with much depending on the boat size, age and design.

Size matters

If you want to get a fantastic charter vacation with a crew for the least amount of money: choose a boat that is large enough to accommodate a group of 4 to 10 family Webbers or even friends that you get along with well. If there are more people than one vote can handle, companies can arrange for two or more boats that can follow the same itinerary. The point is, is that the more people you have per boat they can share the cost per week and the less expensive the cost will be per person.

Larger boats are more expensive, as are catamarans. But these larger boats accommodate more guests.

Age matters too

The newer the yacht, the more expensive it will be. Some people do prefer a brand-new boat but as long as a older yacht is maintained and should not make a difference except in price.

What is your style?

You need to consider what is your level of formality. A charter with the crew typically comes with a trained chef and uniforms and they keep their distance while waiting on you hand and foot. These are obviously more expensive. Other charters have crews that are more casual in the atmosphere on board is more relaxed but you still get good service and hospitality but in a less formal manner. On these types of charters the crew interacts with the guests but they also know when Bill gave the guests time alone.

If you want to stay in a five-star luxury hotel when you are traveling ashore you may want to consider a formal charter. If you have possibly booked a five star bed-and-breakfast with a more personalized home-style service even offer a less formal charter option.

By-cabin charters

Cabin Yachts

Some charters make an exception to the charter the entire boat rule. You can charter it by cabin with a fixed rate per week for one cabinet or room on a boat. On a smaller boat you may have to share a toilet and shower with other guests. Typically the other cabins on the boat will be filled with people you don't know. On a very large yacht this is less of a problem but on a smaller one space is more limited in territorial disputes and personality clashes can be a possibility. This option is not typically widely offered and requires a certain degree of flexibility among a group of open-minded paying guests.

Whatever your preference for yacht size, age or style, the ultimate and affordable yacht charter holiday is only a phone call or a mouse click away.