Top 15 Action Cameras

The market offers a huge selection of action cams that are ideal for shooting videos and still photos while you are out on the water. So if you are going to purchase one the natural question that poses is which one to choose? Surely, you should take into account the image quality and ease of use, plus for mounted cameras make sure you check out the system of mounts and accessories the model of your choice comes with. Those who are going to take their action camera for a yachting should also focus on its depth rating.

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15) $299 - Olympus Tough TG - Tracker Action Camera

Olympus Tough TG - Tracker Action Camera

Olympus is a tried and true quality household name in the photography relm, and the Tough TG - Tracker Action Camera is no exception. The Tough TG - Tracker Action Camera features an ultra wide-angle stabilized lens, wifi connectivity and five built in sensors: compass, GPS, accelerometer, thermometer, and barometer. Not to mention, it is resistant up to a one hundred feet in water depth and can capture 4k resolution content.

14) $399 - GoPro HERO5 Black 4K Action Camera

GoPro HERO5 Black 4K Action Camera

As one of the top selling action cameras in its class, the GoPro HERO5 features compactability, sleek design, easy controls, and high quality connectivity. Plus, it hosts the ability to capture 12M image bursts, 4K video, and is water resistant up to thirty thirty feet.

13) $380 - Garmin VIRB Ultra 30

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30

Known for its 4k video capabilities, the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 hosts a 1.75 inch color touchscreen, three axis image stabilization, and highly sensitive GPS antenna. Its case alone is a marvel as it allows the action camera to travel to around one hundred and thirty three feet in water depth.

12) $209 - Veho Muvi K-Series K-2 Pro

Veho Muvi K-Series K-2 Pro

If you are searching for a reasonably priced action camera that specializes in 4K video then look no further than the Veho Muvi K-Series K-2 Pro. This high quality yet affordable action camera features a touchscreen color interface, wifi connectivity, and can capture around ten 12MP images per second.

11) $325 - 360fly 4K Action Camera

360fly 4K Action Camera

The 360fly 4K Action Camera features 2,880 X 2,880 pixel resolution, 240 degree fisheye lens, 360 degree footage capture, wifi connectivity, bluetooth, built in memory (64GB), accelerometer, gyroscope, and a GPS antenna. Not to mention this shockproof and waterproof camera can be controlled via smartphone application.

10) $234 - Ricoh WG-M2 4K Action Camera

Ricoh WG-M2 4K Action Camera

The Ricoh WG-M2 4K Action Camera has been regarded as an extremely durable means of capturing 4k video. The camera itself features, a large 204 degree viewing angle, 1.5 inch LCD display, water resistance, shock resistance, freeze resistance, and wifi connectivity. Many claim the Ricoh WG-M2 4K Action Camera to be a quality alternative to the ever popular GoPro.

9) $279 - GoPro HERO5 Session Compact Camera

GoPro HERO5 Session Compact Camera

The ultra compact GoPro HERO5 Session action camera provides the photographer on the go with high resolution 4K video recording, wifi connectivity, can reach a water depth of thirty three feet without housing and responds to voice commands. Plus, you can directly upload all content instantly to any cloud based service.

8) $368 - Sony FDR - X3000

Sony FDR - X3000

The Sony FDR X3000 is known to be in hefty competition with the GoPro HERO5 Black. The Sony FDR X3000 itself features stereo sound, 4K video capabilities, an ultra-wide Zeiss lens, 8.8MP image burst capturing,and can reach almost two hundred feet in water depth.

7) $170 - TomTom Bandit Action Cam

TomTom Bandit Action Cam

TomTom excels at camera creation and the Bandit Action Cam features all the essentials. The TomTom Bandit Action Cam hosts built in GPS, altitude camera sensors, speed sensors, G-force sensors, 4K 15fps video capabilities, a removable battery, 16Mp image stills, and USB plug for accessible recharges.

6) $310 - Garmin VIRB XE GPS Camera

Garmin VIRB XE GPS Camera

As a GPS focused action camera, the Garmin VIRB XE features wifi connectivity, one touch 1440p high resolution video recording, and a one hundred and sixty four depth resistance to water.

5) $93 - Polaroid Cube & Lifestyle Camera

Polaroid Cube & Lifestyle Camera

Do not lets looks fool you! While the Polaroid Cube & Lifestyle Camera may look like a toy, it is actually a capable camcorder that features 1440p footage capturing capabilities, 8MP stills, and a wide angle lens. This user friendly, compact cameras visually attractive casing is also shock resistant, splash proof, and compatible with a variety of optional mounts.

4) $149 - GoPro HERO Session Mountable Camera

GoPro HERO Session Mountable Camera

The GoPro Hero Session is not only mountable but also extremely compact. This perfect traveling companion camera features 1440p video recording capabilities, wifi connectivity, and bluetooth connectivity all with the touch of one button. If portability is what you are looking for then look no further than the GoPro HERO Session Mountable Camera.

3) $99 Panasonic HX-A1 Wearable Camera

Panasonic HX-A1 Wearable Camera

This wearable Panasonic action camera performs best when attached atop a helmet - perfect for those looking to capture action packed adventures. The HX-A1 hosts capturing capabilities of 1080p content, wifi connectivity, a shockproof (waterproof & freezeproof) casing, and an optional external battery.

2) $397 - Nikon KeyMission 170

Nikon KeyMission 170

The Nikon KeyMission 170 features 4K video capability, a wide angle NIKKOR lens, 2.8f aperture, built in LCD display, wifi connectivity, and bluetooth connectivity. Not to mention, the Nikon KeyMission 170 hosts a body that is waterproof, shockproof, and freezeproof.

1) $184 - Y1 4K Action Camera

Y1 4K Action Camera

The affordably priced Y1 4k action camera features 30ps 4k video recording, a Sony built high quality image sensor, 2.2 inch touch screen encased in Corning Gorilla Glass, wifi connectivity, and a microSD card slot. This stylish action camera is available in a large assortment of colors.